About Us

In 1993, the Founders launched the Denton Affordable Housing Corporation as a vehicle to increase opportunities for lower-income residents to obtain affordable housing in decent neighborhoods. A lack of decent housing damages the economic and social well-being of families and degrades the quality of life for the entire community. Because affordable housing needs of low-income households were not being met by private developers, DAHC’s Founders were confident that a nonprofit housing developer and provider could fill that unmet need. Over the past 25 years, DAHC has made a difference in families’ lives, and has had a positive impact on the overall community.

The Growing Need for Affordable Housing

Affordable housing is crucial for low-to-moderate income households. Not only is the economic and social well-being of these families at risk, but social problems can occur when working families face a shortage of affordable housing. Family disruption, overcrowding and congestion degrade the quality of life in the community for all residents.

For businesses, the ability to attract and retain labor depends on the availability of affordable housing. In high-priced areas like Denton County, people who provide vital services – teachers, firefighters, police officers, hospital workers, restaurant employees and retail clerks – have difficulty finding affordable places to live.

A full-time job doesn’t guarantee families a decent, affordable place to live.


Meet Our Staff

 Jennifer Love-Fritts, Accounting Coordinator; Donna Jones, Rental Coordinator;
                                                        Barney Cosimo, Interim Executive Director

Board of Director

      Barbara Rodman                  President

             Marcella Franklin                  Vice President

     Sharon Barnhill                     Secretary

       Marc Moffitt                          Treasurer